Moorhead's Blueberry Farm

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Moorhead's Blueberry Farm

Moorhead's Blueberry Farm is a family-owned and operated blueberry farm located in Conroe, Texas. The farm was established in 2005 by Dave and Debra Moorhead. Debra is a third-generation farmer, while Dave is a fourth-generation blueberry grower. The first Moorhead blueberry farm was founded in the 1920s by the late Charles Moorhead, and the second Moorhead blueberry farm was started in 1952 by Charles's son, Robert. The farm has been passed down through the Moorhead family for four generations.

The farm produces highbush blueberries. The highbush blueberry is the most widely cultivated and is easier to grow. The highbush blueberry has large, dark blueberries that ripen in the fall and winter. Blueberry is the most common type of blueberry grown in the United States.

More than 1,200 acres of blueberries are under cultivation on Moorhead's Blueberry Farm. The farm produces about 4 million pounds of blueberries per season. The blueberries are sold in the farm's retail market and other retail markets in the Conroe area.

The farm offers a variety of products, such as fresh blueberries, blueberry preserves, and blueberry muffins. The farm also provides blueberry-flavored ice cream. The ice cream is sold in the farm's retail market and local grocery stores. The farm also sells blueberry plants, which you can plant in home gardens.

What is Moorhead's Blueberry Farm?

Moorhead's Blueberry Farm is a family-owned and operated farm located in Conroe, Texas. Read More Here. The farm specializes in growing and selling blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. The farm also grows vegetables, fruit trees, and flowers. Visitors are welcome to pick their berries or purchase pre-packaged containers of berries.

What to see at Moorhead's Blueberry Farm

The Blueberry Farm in Conroe, Texas, is a great place to see and pick blueberries. The farm has over 25 acres of blueberry bushes, so there is plenty of space to find the perfect berry. The farm also has a play area for children, so parents can explore the farm while their children have fun. Blueberry picking, hayrides, and a petting zoo are things to see at Moorhead's Blueberry Farm in Conroe, Texas.

How to Visit Moorhead's Blueberry Farm

Moorhead's Blueberry Farm is located at 5222 West Davis Street in Conroe, Texas. Moorhead's Blueberry Farm is open from 9 am to 4 pm Monday-Saturday, and 10 am to 4 pm Sunday. Visitors can enjoy the farm's blueberries during the season, which lasts from late May through November. The farm also has a petting zoo and a large playground for children. Visitors are encouraged to bring their picnic lunch to enjoy on the farm grounds or purchase food from the concession stand.

Is Moorhead's Blueberry Farm wheelchair accessible?

Moorhead's Blueberry Farm is not currently wheelchair accessible, but the farm plans to install a wheelchair ramp shortly. The farm does offer a variety of blueberry products that are gluten-free and dairy-free. The farm also provides berry-related products for people with allergies or dietary restrictions.

Is Moorhead's Blueberry Farm dog friendly?

No, pets are not allowed on the Moorhead Blueberry Farm property. Pets are only allowed at our retail markets.

Why Visit Moorhead's Blueberry Farm?

The farm has been in operation for more than 100 years and is a local favorite. There are a variety of ways to enjoy the blueberries on the farm. You can buy them fresh, frozen, dried, or have them made into something delicious like blueberry muffins. And if you want to bring your family, there are opportunities for that too! The farm is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm every week except Tuesdays. The farm offers many events throughout the year, such as pumpkin picking in September and Christmas tree picking in December. If you're not able to visit the farm, you can order your blueberries online!

Where to eat at Moorhead's Blueberry Farm

There is no specific restaurant at Blueberry Farm. However, there are picnic tables and a playground on the premises, so visitors are welcome to bring their food and enjoy it there. OR There is no on-site restaurant at Moorhead's Blueberry Farm, but there are several restaurants and cafes within a short drive. Options include Subway (0.4 miles), Denny's (1.1 miles), and Whataburger (1.4 miles).

Where to stay at Moorhead's Blueberry Farm

There are no accommodations available on-site at Moorhead's Blueberry Farm. A Good Article. However, there are several hotels and bed and breakfast locations in the nearby town of Conroe.

Final Thought

Moorhead's Blueberry Farm is a great place to visit in the Conroe, Texas, area. They offer a wide variety of blueberry-related products and services, and their staff is always happy to help. So if you're looking for a fun, family-friendly activity, check out Moorhead's Blueberry Farm!

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