Rotten Wood Repair

Rotted Wood Repair

Rotten Wood Repairs and Houston Painting Services

If you see any signs of wood rot in the corners of your house, it is important to take action immediately. Before you do any painting in a home, rotten wood repair must take place or be replaced. When wood becomes wet, it makes an ideal habitat for fungi to breed. Any wood that is exposed to moisture, even if just a tiny bit, can allow moisture to enter. As soon as moisture penetrates the wood, fungus can begin feeding, causing rotting of the wood.

As time goes on, wood that has rotted will become more difficult and more expensive to repair. The fungus digests the cellulose that makes up the wood as it germinates and spreads the strands of its root system. When the wood has been exhausted as a source of food, the fungus will begin to spread to any surrounding wood in its search for food. That is just how it starts. Wood rot can cause your entire home to be put at risk, as the wood becomes more brittle and breaks down. Additionally, harmful insects including weevils, ants, beetles, and termites all love rotten wood. This is because the cavities that develop in the wood give them an ideal habitat to establish a nest and start breeding.

There are also risks to your health and safety. Condensation and moisture in rotting wood can lead to the growth of mold. Some varieties of mold trigger allergic reactions, or worse, sickness. In addition, paint often begins to chip and flake off of wood that is rotted.

Now that you see the importance of having any rotting wood treated immediately, you can rely on our contractors to help. We can examine any signs of potential rotted wood that you have noticed as well as any other wood in your home that is not yet showing signs. Then, our experts at Perkins Preferred Roofing and Construction will treat all of your wood surfaces thoroughly, whether rotted or not, to ensure you home is protected from future issues with rotting wood. This ensures you can be confident that your home is always structurally safe and sound.

Once the rotten wood repair has taken place, painting can begin. We will use proper technique to ensure that your home is prepared before the painting process starts. We will also ensure that your furniture, landscaping, and other possessions remain safe during the process.

Whether your home is a tiny cottage or large estate, we will have the tools, scaffolding, ladders, and other equipment necessary to ensure your Houston painting project is completed properly. Our staff is licensed and fully insured, so you know your home will be safe in the case of a potential accident.

We also understand how important it is to have your project done quickly. The tools and equipment, whether spray or roller, are always of the highest quality to guarantee that we can complete your project quickly, professionally, and with minimal disruption to your home life. Your time is invaluable to us. When you allow us to take care of your issues with rotten wood as well as painting, you can enjoy your time and have confidence that we will be able to handle your home with care. Call us today or fill out our free consultation form for expedited delivery of services.