Roof Replacement

Houston weather can take a toll on your roof, and overtime, your roof will need to be replaced. Perkins Preferred understands the value and sensitivity that people place on their single greatest investment—their homes! We realize that homes are a place where people relax, have fun, and raise their families! Because of this, Perkins Preferred uses only the best products available.

Perkins Preferred Uses: Rather than:
CertainTeed Winter Guard

Winterguard is a vapor barrier that wins the battle against water penetration in your roof’s most vulnerable places. We install this in the valleys, around the chimneys, and anywhere else where a high volume of water drains.



RhinoRoof is a synthetic roofing underlayment that lays flat and will remain 100% impervious to mold. It is 25 times stronger than typical 15 lb felt.

15 lb. Felt Paper

The Bullet Boot

The Bullet Boot is designed to aesthetically replace the old pipe boot that cracks or is chewed up by those pesky squirrels. They come pre-painted and look wonderful!

Lead Pipe Cover


10 Year, No-Leak Warranty